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Interior door selection tips

China Modular Holdings Limited | Updated: Jan 19, 2016

1, a first look at styles and colors. Decorate the House's goal is to create a harmonious living environment, so the first consideration when choosing a wooden door is wood door styles and colours harmonize with the room style match. Decorative style is smooth and quiet on the choice of good taste and simplicity of style, lively and lively we be graceful and elegant want to match; classical comfort is decorated with thick elegance. In summary, choose style met near,

2, then by color. Good color matching are key elements of wood on the bedroom, we determine the style then to consider the color of the wooden door from the bedroom color matching. Bedroom color scheme to basic is similar to chroma contrast factor, we can divide the room environment and color intensity, three color; walls, floors, furniture and soft furnishings. Basically keep these three colors can be, do not benefit much. Wood color could be considered close to the furniture color dark such as the ground floor wall white purple Veda wooden doors. Color and contrast to maintain harmony on the environment. If you no too big grasp or no in professional people of guide of situation Xia, recommended this "by" of approach, don't total wants to with everywhere compared, actually big environment has has compared has, you as long as door of color find a big environment near both can, or ground or wall surface or furniture, then again in details Shang difference about on can has, like wood door of texture with ground of wood lines for difference match. Which open measure color according to the actual situation.

3, touch feel. After thoughtful style color, followed by the process and quality of the product. We are unlikely to go to manufacturers looking to see how he was processed, only through the appearance of simple tests to assess the technical quality of the product. Here to show you two words: hands and side light. Hands touch borders, panels, the corner of the door, without scratches, soft and delicate, and stood at the side of the door light door paint surface is concave wave. Basically depend on whether the two can know the work, under-qualified.

4 related qualification certificates, test materials and manufacturers. But we can not say that I can get back to the satisfaction of the wooden doors, wooden doors in terms of what? Environmentally friendly? Here we may go with a three-pronged test; a, try to choose a reputable brand manufacturers, China timber distribution Association wooden door Commission wood door industry conference in Beijing, through rigorous research and review by the General Assembly selected the Member unit of Chinese wood door 30 companies. These quality manufacturers in terms of size and service system are standard. Sunwood wood interior doors such as Shanghai with its simple style and strict environmental protection material won the majority of younger consumers. Second, by manufacturers of related test certification against relevant industry standards are complete, to measure the product structure is like. Three, on the note before installation check door lock hole parts of internal materials, final checks.

Price is also a measure of quality on the one hand, it really is real cannot be done cheaply, the cost of each type of product has he must, with its lower cost limits of quotation is questionable, such as solid wood door production cost should be around 3000, if businesses offer 2500 Yuan, it would have a problem.

In short, buy interior doors to be carried out by more than a few steps, and would avoid misunderstanding of blank and business lead you around by the nose.