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Metal detector gate

China Modular Holdings Limited | Updated: Jan 19, 2016

Security door function's primary function is to measure ever to carry a hidden metal objects. it is used to guard against theft, prevent employee theft of company property! Some are used as security, security, the protection of social stability and harmony! Security door, also known as metal security doors, is a permanently installed detection equipment, check for hidden metal objects on the body. When inspectors from the security doors through, body with metal under the weight, number or shape the pre-set parameter values, security door alarm and alarm, security officials found that the person the prohibited metal goods in a timely manner.

Metal detector because of its functionality and market applications can be divided into the following types of channel-type metal detectors (also known as: metal detectors, known as: security doors), hand-held metal detectors, portable metal detectors, desk-top metal detectors, metal detectors and underwater metal detector for industrial use.

Factory: prevent theft

Public places, disco dance hall, public security: enhanced security

In these places, and ensure personal safety is a priority, but also a challenge, through the press, we learned that in these places, often some criminals carrying prohibited items such as swords and guns looking to commit the attack, causing heavy loss of life and property losses, and have extreme negative effects to society. Series security shield installed digital metal keeper is your wise choice!

Suitable for production-oriented enterprises: electronic (such as: mobile phone, charger, circuit boards, hard drives, digital cameras, MP3, translation, and voice recorder tape recorder electronics). electric wire electric cable electric plated die-cast plumbing fittings of precious metals of gold and silver jewelry industrial metal products (such as copper and aluminum) and the processing of related industries

Applicable Government Department: prisons and detention facilities, facility, rehab, etc;

For public areas: entertainment including the gym, airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, exhibition, Museum, concert, oil depots, power stations etc.