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Security gate of stability testing

China Modular Holdings Limited | Updated: Jan 19, 2016

Security is crucial to the stability of the door, this is the prime condition customers to buy the security door. Instability of the security door will cause alarm and missed alarm, staff at a loss, play no real role in security doors. Due to the security door sensor (that is, two door side panel) to open outward, it can emit electromagnetic waves into the external environment, while also receiving electromagnetic waves produced by the external environment. External electromagnetic devices have, such as power lines, large motor, electric welding machines, induction furnace, intercom ... ... Fusion outward radiation such as electromagnetic fields, these fields can interfere with normal detection, impact security doors; so that all security doors will more or less interference by the external environment. Technical force in solving the security door manufacturers can own stability at the same time, able to deal with the external interference, security door interference to a minimum.

Usually security doors should be designed with the real-time signal strength indicator, metal size and interfere with signal strength can be displayed. Real-time signal indicator in the initial installation and use plays a very important role in the process. In the initial installation and during use can be adjusted according to the signal light on the security door proper detection parameters, as far as possible to minimize interference from the external environment, thus improving detection accuracy of the security door. Some production companies in order to deceive this signal to cancel, or when no one was by turn, allows users to view the security door works perfectly well; but, at the security gate has been in a State of instability, regardless of whether you carry metal by police. Security door with a signal strength indicator in the working parameters of the installation time can be adjusted according to intensity, eliminate outside interference effects on security doors, ensure that security doors work correctly. Security door with environmental self-check function effectively to achieve immunity, anti-rejection.

Select in the same environment (including power, the external environment for electromagnetic interference the same) test: power up, blocking the infra-red radiation device to remove the infrared limit alarm functions. Sensitivity is set to alarm more sensitive (higher) level, security door alarm to wait and observe the number of lights shining, if the number of lots, and even alarm, you can try changing the operating frequency of the security door, adjacent frequency interference from the outside world until the lights shine at least. If you change the operating frequency, security door is still not stable and even alarm, shows that the security gate's own stability and anti-interference ability is poor. To compare the various types of security door one by one in the same detection (detection of the same metal) case, select.