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Advantage Metal Detectors

China Modular Holdings Limited | Updated: Jan 19, 2016

Metal detector digital metal detector adopts the international advanced digital surveillance technology, hidden from the person-specific detection prevention of metal and alloy goods. It safe, serviceable, high sensitivity, wide range, strong resistance to outside interference, intelligent service 24 hour, alarm sound and light at the same time, in terms of quality, effectiveness, technical parameters have reached the world advanced level. You can adjust the sensitivity, high metal meshes can detect the size of a paper clip, and can distinguish between metals hidden location, users can also detect metal size, volume, weight, and other settings to exclude coins, keys keys by mistake such as belt buckles, jewelry, the police. Location that has for preventing the loss of precious metal items, such as enterprises, factories, banks, private homes and other places!

Metal detection gate door from top to bottom with a waterproof foot covers, waterproof, fireproof, anticorrosive characteristics.

Six overlapping metal detecting area, using current digital pulse technology, interactive transmission and reception, and accurately determine the location of metal objects.

Main enclosure Panel with LED lighting display module, can be intuitive to see the body to carry concealed prohibited items corresponding to the location.

Automatic coil winding and host patch production more accurately achieve the detection results, with continuous characteristics.

Each detection area with a 100-level sensitivity can be adjusted to meet customers ' different prohibited items, metal items can be set according to the actual usage in advance may position and proper sensitivity adjustment volume, weight, size, removal of belt buckles, keys, jewelry, coins and other items of false-positives, maximum sensitivity to detect metal the size of a paper clip.

Hybrid circuit design, the signal frequency can be adjusted freely, using advanced scattering type infrared scanning, capture signals, grid-connected and working together installing multiple detectors do not interfere.

Powerful DSP digital signal processing filter system, using the world's most advanced electromagnetic compatible technology of anti-electromagnetic interference ability and strong ability to touch and impact resistance.

Built-in self diagnostics, post error automatic prompting for automatic measurement and display of the surrounding environment and interference.

By enrolled automatically with alarming frequency, precision 100%.

Password protection, allowing only specialized personnel to operate, preventing non-authorized persons to change parameters, no maintenance, no periodic calibration.

Reserved RS-485 can be networked with multiple communication interfaces, monitor, usage statistics, according to user requirements and configure a remote control device.

Comply with international safety standards for human heart pacemakers, pregnant women and magnetic floppy disks, video tapes, tape, film, recording, and more without negative side-effects.