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Composite Doors

China Modular Holdings Limited | Updated: Jan 19, 2016

Doors of solid wood composite door cores with pine, fir or imported fill material bonded together. Exterior MDF and solid wood veneer made from high temperature after pressing, with a solid wood edge of a line. Advanced composite solid wood door, door core for high quality white pine or real wood veneer on the surface. Due to the low density of white pine, light weight, and relatively easy to control moisture, therefore the weight of the finished product are relatively light, easy deformation and cracking. In addition, composite solid wood door with thermal insulation, impact resistant, flame retardant characteristics, but with solid wood doors are basically the same sound effects.

Due to the solid wood composite door there are lots of styles, style and rich, or exquisite European-style carving, or the colorful mosaic of Chinese classical, or modern, different decorative styles of giving consumers a broad selection space.

In addition, material with veneer and veneer of modern wooden door stickers are common. Veneer doors because of rich natural texture, and beautiful, strong impact, and relatively high price; stickers of wooden doors, also known as "grain doors" because the low price is a more popular product, the disadvantage is more easily damaged, and the fear of water. Composite solid wood door with smooth, soft color characteristics, which are environmentally friendly, durable.

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