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Principle Of Large Industrial/commercial Door

China Modular Holdings Limited | Updated: Jan 19, 2016

Industrial overhead doors: industrial sliding doors consist of a series of doors, and up along the track from spring balance system or a counterweight system to safeguard the door, install the track close to the inside of the building, which can significantly save interior space of a building, will be based on your size and shape of the building, its doors can be designed for different installation methods. Door lifting mode selection can be based on the following basic conditions: door size openings upper space; the door side space; door depth. According to realities on the ground, combined with the owner's requirements for space, you can achieve the following

Rose way, to maximize the satisfaction of reasonable use of space requirements.

1, standard: apply roof space in the door: 200-300mm or less.

2, high lifting: apply roof space in the door: 300mm door height

3, vertical lift: apply top space: or = door opening height

4, lifter upgrading: applied to top ceilings slope shape track parallel to the ceiling.