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United States Overview Of Hacking

China Modular Holdings Limited | Updated: Jan 19, 2016

When you open a mobile game angry birds, preparing to throw a bird when the pig's head, you may also be a United States intelligence agency espionage targets. According to Snowe's confidential documents, US National Security Council and the United Kingdom Government Communications Headquarters as early as 2007 began jointly from dozens of phone software and user information collected in the game. Both also exchanged specific collection methods, such as how to obtain location information when using Google maps, users posting on the social networking site to get its address book, buddy list, call records, and so on. Although it was not clear how big is this kind of data collection, but documents show that two intelligence agencies gather information iPhone and Android phones as a "rich resources".

United States of an excuse is that the United States "not for economic espionage." However, Snowdon told Germany media disputed this claim in an interview: "If, for example, Siemens information and United States national security has nothing to do, but the United States national interest advantage-national security agency will also get this information. ”

For a long time, United States Government departments, agencies, corporations, universities, telecommunications backbone networks and large-scale monitoring, attacks and intrusions, United States surveillance relating to Chinese leaders, ordinary Internet users, the majority of cell phone users.

According to a document surfaced in March 2014, early in 2009, the United States National Security Agency launched a massive network intrusion of China's Huawei company, a special unit to penetrate the computer networks of Huawei, and copied more than 1400 customers information and internal training documents used by engineers. Huawei in the United States on one Executive commented: "the irony is that they made to us, just as they had accused China of by what we do. ”

First exposure "Republika Connaught Deng event" of Wei reported reporter Glenn Greenwald recently published book nowhere hidden: aidehua·sinuodeng, and Guoan Council and United States monitored status, topics from 1975 years Shi any United States Senate Intelligence Special Committee President fulanke·qiuqi of speech, Church at said, United States of monitoring capacity can at any time "turned points to United States people, no which Americans also will has privacy can statements, all are will by monitoring: phone, and Telegraph and so on. People will have nowhere to hide. "

"No place to hide" is the United States eavesdrop on the world's best picture.